April Fools :P

Demotivational Poster Time! Featuring:

Rallies! In pRO Valkyrie! Yes, they were the Priests from last time. Plus points for them rallying against the President during our Independence Day. /heh

Demotivational Poster Time! Featuring:

A mob of wild bot Priests suddenly appearing in Port Malaya! If only I was a GM… I would have been so tempting to spawn a boss monster or something. /gg

Demotivational Poster Time! Featuring:

Ranger Skittles in Scaraba (as usual) beating up those Scarabas with his trusty Hunter’s Bow and Hunting Arrow.

Fear Breeze makes me feel like I’m an assassin or something, but it does eat away my arrows like no tomorrow… and god knows how hard it is to get to Mora just to buy Hunting Arrows…
-Ranger Skittles

Demotivational Poster Time! Featuring:

Biochemist Okabe leveling his Lif, demonstrating Aid Potion to us.

…seriously though, how does throwing a glass bottle at people heal them? :v Granted, it is full of healing potion, but still :v won’t that hurt?

(Let’s try out this schedule post thing /gg)

Demotivational Poster Time! Featuring:

Ranger Skittles checking out them guns in Scaraba Dungeon while chilling leveling because x3 EXP for the week.

I have to thank teatime-musings for the quote :D

Not just guns man… but BOMBS.
The Scaraba has BOMBS @__@ we dead now @__@
-Ranger Skittles

Demotivational Poster Time! Featuring:

Triple Horned Scaraba: fact or fiction?

That’s not a shop either.

Demotivational Poster Time! Featuring:

Egnigem darling taking her Knight job quest :3

Don’t she just look so lovely sitting in that room full of low leveled monsters, holding off her desire to Magnum Break the heck out of them? :3


Well, I am because I got 77 in my Integral Calculus, but…


Maybe, once I start building up my screenshots again. /gg

Demotivational Poster Time! Featuring:

High Priestess Yuki demonstrating her Magnus Exorcismus while purging the Glast Heim Abbey by the orders of the Prontera Church.

Okay, so my Magnus only works against the Undead (and demons to a lesser extent), but just wait til I get my Adoramus!
-High Priestess Yuki

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DMP Time, featuring:

Rune Knight Egnigem Cenia, during her job change. She noticed something very peculiar with the questions…